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Western Australia

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Western Australia is Australia's largest state in area, covering the western third of the mainland, and is bordered by South Australia and the Northern Territory. The vast state’s economy comes mainly from mineral and petroleum commodities, although agricultural production is also a major contributor.


Despite the vast size of Western Australia the population is only approx. 2,105,000, making up 10% of Australia's total population.
Perth is the largest city of Western Australia, and the fourth-largest city in Australia, with an estimated population of 1,550,000.

Some of Western Australia’s smaller towns include Broome and Port Hedland on the North Western Australian coast, both of which have a population under 15,000, and Margaret River, which lies further down from Perth on the Southern side of the West coast with a population of under 4,000, but enjoys a thriving tourism industry.


Although Perth receives moderate to high seasonal rainfall, summers are generally hot and dry, lasting from late December to late March. February is generally the hottest month of the year, making Perth a classic example of a Mediterranean climate.

In Western Australia, summer is not completely devoid of rain with sporadic rainfall in the form of short-lived thunderstorms, weak cold fronts and, on very rare occasions, decaying tropical cyclones which can bring significant falls. Winters are relatively cool and rather moist, though the once reliable winter rainfall has been declining steadily in recent years.

Economy and Primary Industries

Western Australia has the highest per capita output of any Australian state, with an economy that has been largely based on the extraction and export of mining and petroleum commodities, especially, iron, alumina, natural gas, nickel and gold.

Perth has a booming economy, primarily due to the rising demands for raw minerals from emerging economies, especially China. This has led to a mining boom, which is having a great impact not only for Perth, but for the whole state of Western Australia.

In fact, Perth is so important to mining and energy projects that it controls about 80% (approx. AU$11.7 billion) worth of Australia's total projects.

As such, 25% of the world's largest mining companies have bases in Perth, including Rio Tinto, Woodside Petroleum and BHP Billiton. Perth is also a centre for banking and finance, and includes state head offices for all major banks, Commonwealth, National Australia Bank, Westpac and ANZ.

With a steady influx of highly-skilled migrants, expanding retail services and state of the art infrastructure, economic growth is expected to remain at the current rates consistently.

Perth, being the heart of Western Australia in culture, business, tourism and retail services, has consistent unemployment levels of less than 4%. As such, the city is drawing thousands of accommodation for the many who flock to live and work in and around the city centre.

Western Australia Immigration Options

Skilled workers wishing to live in Australia have a number of Skilled Migration visa categories to which they can apply.

Those specifically wanting to emigrate to Australia to live in Western Australia can apply for the Western Australia Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa (subclass 475). 

The Skilled - Regional Sponsored visa (subclass 475) is a sponsored work visa for skilled people wishing to live and work in a regional or low population growth area in Australia. The Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa is a temporary visa valid for three years.