Approved Evidence


As part of the application process you will be required to provide evidence to support your claims that you have completed the required specified work in regional Australia and have been remunerated in accordance with relevant Australian legislation and awards by your nominated employer, for the periods of employment you have listed on your application.

You will need to be able to prove that you completed the requirement before your second year visa is granted. Your application cannot be processed without this evidence and you will receive an automated email to request this from you when you apply.

Apply for a Second Working Holiday Visa

Approved evidence of specified work in regional Australia can include, but is not limited to the following:

  • All payslips covering your specified work period(s). Your employer must give you a payslip within 1 day of your payday. A payslip can be on a piece of paper or provided electronically. Payslips should tell you how many hours you have worked, the pay you have received and how you have been paid, for example into a bank account. Further information on payslips can be found at Payslips are an important way of ensuring that you are receiving your full entitlements.
  • Bank transaction statements covering your declared specified work period. Bank transaction statements should show all transactions within the declared specified work period and income received from declared employers and the name of the account holder.
  • Employment contracts. An employment contract is formed when an employer offers you a job and you accept it. It is best for the contract to be in writing. The contract should set out who the employer is, the tasks to be performed and expectations such as where, when and how the work will be performed. If the contract is not in writing both parties can get confused about expectations and obligations.
  • Employer deduction agreements. Employers can only make deductions from your wages for things like meals, accommodation and equipment if you agree to them. Employers cannot make deductions from your wages unless the deduction is for your benefit or is a legal requirement, for example tax. Deductions must be agreed to prior to being deducted and this agreement must be in writing.
  • Employer piecework agreements. You and your employer can agree that you will work for a 'piece rate of pay'. A 'piece rate' means you get paid depending on how much you pick. Any piece rate agreement must be made before you start employment and it must be in writing. If there is no written agreement in place then you must be paid the appropriate hourly rate of pay in the award that covers your employment.
  • Tax statement showing earnings from all employment for a financial year.
  • PAYG payment Summary showing earnings from the employer for a financial year.
  • Employer references.

Warning: There have been reports recently that people are simply paying for evidence in order to avoid completing the requirement. However, this is inadvisable as the Australian government has recently stepped up their efforts to tackle this abuse and if caught, you could face not only a lifetime ban from Australia but also from New Zealand and the United States.

Apply for a Second Working Holiday Visa



Second Working Holiday Visa

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