Australian Paper-Based 676 Tourist Visa Eligible Countries

Please note: This visa category has been replaced by the Paper-Based 600 Tourist Visa

The information on this page uses information from the pre-existing Paper-Based 676 Tourist Visa.

This visa category has since been replaced by the Paper-Based 600 Tourist Visa. 

The paper-based 676 Tourist Visa is designed for people who wish to take a trip to Australia and are NOT on the ETA Eligible Country list OR on the e676 Tourist Visa Eligible Country list

Currently, the Australian Visa Bureau is only able to process applications from a list of Eligible Countries that applicants must hold a valid passport from.  If your country features on the below table AND you are resident in the UK, you are eligible to apply for an Australian Paper-Based 676 Tourist Visa and can begin the process using our online application form.

Eligible Countries

The Australian Visa Bureau's paper-based 676 Tourist Visa application service is currently only open to applicants who are resident in the UK and hold a passport from one of the following countries:

Paper-Based 676 Tourist Visa Eligible Countries
The following passport holders are eligible to apply for a paper-based 676 Tourist Visa with the Australian Visa Bureau, provided they are currently resident in the UK:
Afghanistan Algeria Bangladesh Central African Republic Chad
China Colombia Cote D'Ivoire Dominica Dominican Republic
Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Ethiopia Faroe Islands
Falkland Islands Fiji Gambia Georgia Ghana
India Indonesia Iran Israel Jamaica
Kenya Lebanon Mexico Morocco Nepal
Nigeria Pakistan The Philippines Russia Sierra Leone
South Africa Tanzania Thailand Zimbabwe



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