Getting a Student Visa for Australia

Student Visas are divided into visa subclasses based on the principal course of study in Australia. Links to further information on the primary student visa subclasses are available below. Alternatively, check the Australian student visa basic requirements.

Student Visa Assessment Levels

The Department of Home Affairs (DOHA) associates a certain risk to the issue of Student Visas, and to this effect base the different Student Visas on assessment factors such as the applicant's nationality and their intended type and area of study. For further information, see the Australian student visa assessment levels.

Students who have obtained certain Australian qualifications are potentially able to apply for new categories of permanent Skilled Visas in Australia on completion of their studies.

The different Student Visa subclasses (based on the intended studies) include:

Australian Student Visas

ELICOS Sector Student Visa (subclass 570)

  • This visa subclasses for international students who want to study English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) in Australia. Where a student is undertaking ELICOS as a prerequisite to another course, the student must apply under the subclass relevant to the principal course.
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Schools Sector Student Visa (subclass 571)

  • This visa subclass is designed for international students applying to study in Australia and whose main course of study is a primary school course, a secondary school course, including junior and senior secondary, or an approved secondary school exchange program.
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Vocational Education and Training Sector Student Visa (subclass 572)

Higher Education Sector Student Visa (subclass 573)

Postgraduate Research Sector Student Visa (subclass 573)

Non-Award Sector Student Visa (subclass 575)

  • This visa subclass is designed for international students who want to study either a non-award foundation studies course or another full-time course (or components of a course) that does not lead to an Australian award in Australia.
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AusAID or Defense Sponsored Sector Student Visa (subclass 576)

Student Guardian Visa (subclass 580)

  • This visa subclass is designed for the legal custodian or relative of a Study Visa holder in Australia to accompany the visa holder as a student guardian (provided they are under 18 years of age).
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Student Visa Conditions

Strict conditions are imposed on Student Visa holders, and any breach of these conditions may lead to the cancellation of the visa.

Some examples of Student Visa conditions are outlined below:

  • The student must satisfy attendance and/or course requirements and maintain a valid enrolment for the chosen course of study.
  • Students (and their dependents) are not allowed to work. After they have commenced studies, they can apply for work rights (limited to 20 hours per week).
  • The student must remain with the education provider with whom the student enrolled for the first 12 months of the course (or for the duration of the course if the course lasts for less than 12 months) - save for in exceptional circumstances.
  • The student's residential address (and any changes) must be notified to the educational provider within 7 days of arrival in Australia (or of any move).

Students must also provide evidence they have sufficient funds to pay for accommodation, airfares, course tuition fees, overseas student health cover (OSHC) and meet the basic requirements for English language ability as determined by their intended institution of study. All students must prove they can manage their tuition fee and general expenses during the duration of their stay in Australia on a Student Visa.