Australian Government Sponsored Visa FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Government Sponsored Visitor Visas:

Q: What is the difference between a 'Business Visitor' and a 'Sponsored Business Visitor'?

A: Very little. The only difference is that a Sponsored Business Visitor has an approved sponsor in Australia and is prepared to vouch for the applicant's purpose of visit and period of stay and lodge an application in Australia, on behalf of the applicant.

Q: Who is eligible to become a sponsor?

A: Australian State/Territory and Commonwealth Government agencies, as well as organisations specified by the Minister of Immigration, are able to provide formal sponsorship for individuals and business delegations intending short term business visits.

Q: Can Business Visitors lodge an application on their own behalf?

A: No. The application for a Sponsored Business Visitor must be lodged in Australia, by the sponsor. This provides sponsors with the opportunity to become more closely involved with the visa application process and to liaise with their local Business Centre in Australia.

Q: Is a sponsor able to offer sponsorship to more than one applicant?

A: Yes. A sponsor is able to sponsor more than one applicant at a time. If a sponsor wishes to sponsor more than one applicant, each applicant will need to complete a separate visa application form. The sponsor only needs to complete one sponsorship form and lodge this together with all the visa application forms.

Q: Can a sponsor offer sponsorship to an applicant who is already in Australia?

A: No. The applicant must be outside Australia at the time the application is lodged. However, the sponsor must lodge the application form and the sponsorship form in Australia.

Q: How long will the application take to process?

A: In order to ensure that applicants meet the relevant criteria for a specific visa, the time it takes to assess each application may vary. However, it is expected that a new application for an Australian government Sponsored Business Visitor Visa would take approximately 5 working days to process.

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