Prospective Marriage Visa: Australian Fiancee Visa

The Australian Prospective Marriage Visa is a temporary fiancee visa for unmarried partners wishing to migrate to Australia. The visa is valid for 9 months only, during which time you must marry your Australian sponsor.

Eligibility requirements:

  • You are required to be sponsored by an Australian citizen or permanent resident with whom you are in a genuine relationship;
  • You will be required to prove there are no impediments to marrying your intended spouse including:
    • You are both free to marry;
    • You are both of marriageable age; and
    • The intended marriage is able to be recognised under Australian law;
  • You have met (as adults) your intended spouse in person and know him or her. This must be the case even if:
    • It is an arranged marriage;
    • You and your sponsor met as children and the marriage was arranged before you turned 18 years of age; or
    • You met on the Internet (exchanging photographs is not proof enough you have met in person); and
  • You are required to meet Australia's health and character requirements.

Full work rights are granted for the duration of the Prospective Marriage Visa. Once you are married, you will be eligible to apply for permanent residence through a Spouse Visa.



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