Australian Business Visa: English Language Requirements

Applicants for the following Australian Business Visas must meet English Language Requirements:

Applicants for these visas must have vocational English. That is, you must be able to read, write, understand and speak English well enough to communicate effectively for most purposes and in your own field of business.

To prove your English language ability, you must be able to meet certain requirements:

  • Provide evidence that you are a native English speaker; or
  • Undertake the International English Testing System (IELTS) test.

IELTS Test Requirements

The following visa applicants are not required to satisfy a 'vocational level' of English, but must be able to communicate with a 'functional level' of English:

  • State/Territory Sponsored Business Owner (Provisional);
  • State/Territory Sponsored Senior Executive (Provisional);
  • State/Territory Sponsored Investor (Provisional); and
  • Business Talent (Migrant) Applicants.

All Australian Business (Residence) Visa applicants are not required to satisfy vocational level requirements of the English language.

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