Australian Visa Application

The Australian Visa Bureau helps potential migrants, skilled workers, working holiday makers and visitors to Australia with the Australian visa application process.

Our Online Assessments make it simple to ascertain your eligibility to apply for an Australian visa. Online Assessments are available for the purpose of permanent migration and temporary migration; as a working holiday maker or as a visitor looking to apply for a tourist visa.

1. Apply for an ETA Tourist Visa

ETA visas can be applied for online and are usually granted within minutes.

An ETA visa is a multiple entry visa and allows the holder to stay for up to three months at a time. An ETA visa is valid for one year. Working in Australia is not permitted on an ETA visa.

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2. Working Holiday Visa Application

Young people aged between 18-30 years of age and citizens of countries with a working holiday maker agreement with Australia may be eligible for an Australian Working Holiday Visa.

A working holiday visa permits the holder to travel and work in Australia for up to one year, although a second working holiday visa that extends the length of stay in Australia up to two years is now possible.

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3. Applying as a Skilled Worker

Professionals and skilled workers considering living and working in Australia may be eligible under the General Skilled Migration Programme. This route facilitates emigration based on an applicant's qualifications and their suitability to help ease labour shortages in Australia.

Anyone interested in applying under the General Skilled Migration category should first complete an Online Assessment to find out their eligibility under the skilled visa classes.

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4. Applying for a Family Visa

Family visas are used to reunite Australian citizens or permanent residents with partners or dependent family members in Australia.

The family visa classes are not points tested, but require the sponsorship of an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

Australian Partner Visas enable the married spouses, common law spouses, de facto partners and fiance's of Australian citizens, permanent residents or eligible New Zealand citizens to live and work in Australia. Same sex partners can apply for an Interdependency Visa.

Family visas are also available for dependent children, orphaned relatives or adopted children, dependent relatives, remaining relatives and carers of Australian citizens.

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