Backpacker Travel Insurance

Visa Bureau considers it essential for all our clients to have adequate travel insurance, especially if they are embarking on a Working Holiday or Gap Year to Australia or New Zealand.

Top of any Working Holiday Maker’s priorities should be to ensure that they are sufficiently covered in the event of a medical emergency.  

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A reciprocal agreement between Governments means British and Irish nationals do have access to urgent or emergency medical treatment in Australia and New Zealand, but this health care agreement is no substitute for travel insurance.

It is important to remember that:

  • Treatment at private medical centres (for example, in the event of an emergency) will not be covered unless you have medical insurance.
  • Any trips to a doctor for non-urgent health problems and any prescriptions will not be covered without insurance.
  • Health problems may occur during travel to or from Australia.
  • If you need medical evacuation back to your home country, this will not be covered by any health care agreement.
  • Medical treatment in Australia is very expensive (most Australians take out medical cover).
  • If your trip involves a Working Holiday to New Zealand too, one of the visa requirements is that you have travel insurance.

Working Holiday insurance will give you full cover for the duration of your trip and give you, and your relatives, peace of mind. 

It is also important to make sure that a number of factors are covered before you purchase the right Working Holiday insurance:

  • Your policy must cover you for working abroad (normal travel insurance will not!).
  • If taking part in adventure sports, such as surfing, bungee jumping and rafting, check to see that the policy will cover you for these activities.
  • Ensure cover will last for your entire trip.
  • If you must take items of value, check that cover is sufficient to replace them incase of loss.

With your full protection in mind, Visa Bureau have linked up with Columbus Direct to ensure you have access to the best possible cover at a competitive price.

The Columbus Direct policy provides comprehensive insurance coverage for those travelling to Australia or New Zealand on a Working Holiday visa. The policy automatically provides for up to 3 return trips to the UK during the period of insurance.

Make sure nothing spoils your trip! Take an online assessment today with Visa Bureau.

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