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halosmalllogoThe Australian Visa Bureau works with foreign exchange specialists Halo Financial, providing you with solutions for all your foreign exchange needs.

Fluctuating exchange rates can make a tremendous difference to the price you pay for currency when moving abroad. Halo Financial provides an efficient and cost effective way for you to transfer currency overseas.

Operating as a direct alternative to a migrant's bank or building society, Halo Financial can save you time and money when buying or selling foreign currency.

Halo Financial can help you with the following tasks:

  • Exchanging the financial proceeds of your UK property sale;
  • Converting the value of your pension and/or investments into Australian Dollars;
  • Making regular currency payments from the UK to Australia for pension, mortgage or rental transfers; AND
  • Transferring a one-off payment.

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How will foreign exchange affect my migration to Australia?

When migrating to Australia, you will need to exchange your money into Australian Dollars. This will involve a currency transaction which will expose you to currency risk. As a result, it's essential to choose the right time to buy Australian Dollars, because without choosing the ideal exchange rate, you will arrive in Australia with less of your money than you could have done.

As Halo Financial's FX Consultants will explain ways to remove currency risk, they can help you take advantage of any positive exchange rate movements, allowing you to execute your transactions at the best available exchange rates when you are ready to transact.

The consultants will provide you with all this information in jargon-free plain English; to speak to one today, contact them through the number established exclusively for Visa Bureau clients on 0207 350 5474.

What will I receive as part of Halo Financial's service?

  • Market leading exchange rates.
    Using Halo Financial could help you save up to 4% compared to using a bank or building society; in real terms, this could translate to a significant sum of money.
  • No commission charges.
    Unlike most banks and building societies, all transfers made through Halo Financial are commission free.
  • Fast onward payments.
    Halo Financial transfer funds through priority electronic payment, ensuring transfers will be credited into your Australian bank account in the shortest possible timeframe.
  • 24 hour monitoring of exchange rates.
    A proactive service which will provide the opportunity to buy or sell currency around the clock.
  • Appropriate risk management strategies to improve your currency transaction.
    Your currency dealer will explain the different options available to you to help secure the very best exchange rate, including the ability to fix exchange rates up to 2 years forward.
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