Apply for Tax Back

If you are ready to apply, simply complete the Visa Bureau TaxBack Online Tax Refund Claim Form in full, giving as much information as possible.

If you are leaving the UK, enter your last UK address before departing. You must also declare any state benefits which you have received.

You need to contact VisaBureau TaxBack to have your situation assessed. You can do this by either:

Once you have contacted Visa Bureau TaxBack, a consultant will be able to provide a thorough assessment and answer any questions you may have.

Complete the Online Tax Refund Claim Form

What happens after I have completed the Online Tax Refund Claim Form?

Once you have completed the Tax Refund Claim Form and provided Visa Bureau TaxBack with your details and all documentation, they will process and submit your claim to HM Revenue and Customs.

On average, people will then receive their tax back refund within six to eight weeks.

Tax refund claims may take longer due to a lack of a permanent National Insurance number, providing incorrect or insufficient information, or unavoidable delays caused by HMRC.

Complete the Online Tax Refund Claim Form

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