About Tax Refunds

Thousands of people become eligible for a tax refund every year but relatively few of them take the necessary steps to claim their tax back. A tax rebate worth thousands of pounds could be due to you and the Visa Bureau TaxBack service can make it quick and easy for you to reclaim that money.

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If you have not worked the full tax year or are working on the wrong tax code, or paying emergency tax or have worked in the construction industry on a CIS 25 basis, then it is likely that you are entitled to a tax rebate.

If you are emigrating, have already done so in the last six years, or are returning to your home country after working in the UK, it is in your own interest to investigate whether you are eligible for a tax return. The taxback calculator will provide you with a good estimate of how much money could be returned to you.

About Visa Bureau TaxBack

Visa Bureau TaxBack offer a free, no obligation consultation and a low commission rate.

The whole tax return process is managed by us from beginning to end, and they will:

  • Ensure that all the correct forms are completed correctly.
  • Investigate and chase up your claim, right through to the repayment stage.
  • All residency issues are taken care of on your behalf.
  • When your refund comes through we can arrange to send a cheque to you or we can deposit the money into a nominees account or into an overseas bank account for a small fee.

Visa Bureau TaxBack aims to secure clients the maximum return in the shortest period of time. They also operate on a ‘No Rebate-No Fee’ basis and their commission is only deducted when the tax rebate is secured.

Complete the Online Tax Refund Claim Form


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