Claim Your Tax Back

Visa Bureau TaxBack provides a fully managed service to help obtain tax refunds for travellers and expatriates.

Thousands of people are entitled to claim a tax rebate every year after working in the UK or abroad, yet many of them never claim their full entitlement because the process can be complicated, confusing and time consuming .

Visa Bureau TaxBack offers a solution with a service that takes the hassle out of applying for a tax refund.

Claiming Taxback

If you believe you may be entitled to a tax refund, then let the professionals claim your full allowance for you. Free, no obligation, tax assessment available.

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Taxback Calculator

Work out how much could be owed to you in seconds. Our simple tax calculator will give you a clear estimate of what you stand to gain by using Visa Bureau TaxBack.

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Apply for Taxback Online

Make sure you use the Tax Refund Claim Form and follow the simple instructions to claim your money back.

Apply for Taxback Online

Taxback FAQ

Find out more about how to claim your outstanding tax allowance and what action is required.

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