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Visa Bureau proudly partners with Westpac Bank to assist our customers, new and old, with their Australian banking needs.

Moving to Australia is an exciting journey.

As Australia's first bank, Westpac Bank understand that a new beginning in a new country is a big decision, so when you're ready they'll be there to help you along the way.

What makes Westpac Bank unique

Westpac is the only Australian bank with a retail branch in London and a team of specialist bankers who understand the migration journey and help thousands of people make the move from the U.K. to Australia every year.

Their London team can help you make the transition as seamless as possible - setting up bank accounts before you leave, and even introducing you to a banker in Australia.

Westpac Debit Card

Westpac Bank make it easy because:

  1. You can open your account online in minutes and gain instant access to your new account details;
  2. Open your accounts up to 12 months in advance so you can take advantage of exchange rates and transfer money as you please, and arrange direct debits for things such as health insurance;
  3. Open a Westpac eSaver account and take advantage of interest rates to help you grow your savings;
  4. They waive the $5 monthly account fee for the first 12 months;
  5. Their London team can verify your ID so you'll have full access to your accounts;
  6. Arrange a HandyCard so you have access to cash once you arrive in Australia;
  7. Get set up for online and mobile banking on Westpac's award winning app, to manage your finances securely and easily 24/7;
  8. They'll introduce you to a local banker in Australia who can help you settle into your new life once you arrive.


Talk to Westpac's London office today to find out how they can support you to make Australia home:

Call: +44 (0) 20 7621 7222 (option 2)
Email: (referencing Visa Bureau)

Westpac Migrant and Expatriate Centre
Ground Floor, Camomile Court
23 Camomile Street, London EC3A 7LL

Important Information: Westpac Banking Corporation (WBC) is a limited company incorporated in Australia and registered in New South Wales, Australia under the Corporations Act 2001(Cth) of Australia with registered number ABN 33 007 457 141 (Westpac). Westpac's head office is at 275 Kent Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia. WBCs London office is acting in an introductory capacity only and does not provide any of the products and services referred to in this communication. For information purposes only WBC (a) has its principal place of business in the United Kingdom (UK) at Camomile Court, 23 Camomile Street, London EC3A 7LL, and is registered at Cardiff in the UK as Branch No. BR10, and (b) authorised and regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority in Australia. In the UK, it is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority. Subject to regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority and limited regulation by the Prudential Regulation Authority. Details about the extent of Westpac Bank's regulation by the Prudential Regulation Authority is available from them on request. If applying for an account, it is provided by Westpac in Australia and as such is subject to the regulation of the Australian Securities & Investments Commission and will be afforded the protections of Australian laws, which may differ from UK laws. In particular, the account will not benefit from the United Kingdom's Financial Services Compensation Scheme or rules for the protection of retail clients under the United Kingdom Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

Westpac Bank

Westpac Bank

Apply online for your Australian bank account with Westpac Bank 

If you're planning on making the move to Australia, Westpac's team in London can help you make the transition as seamless as possible - setting up bank accounts before you leave and even introducing you to a banker in Australia.

Call +44 (0) 20 7621 7222today to find out how they could support you.