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Skilled Temporary Business (Long Stay) - 457 Visa

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This is the most commonly used program for employers to sponsor overseas workers to work in Australia on a temporary basis. There are also special arrangements for employers in regional areas across Australia.

If a candidate's application is successful, they will be granted temporary residence in Australia, and have multiple entry to and from Australia for the duration of your visa, without any restrictions. Sponsored employees may stay in Australia for the length of the visa validity period – the visa does not expire when the sponsorship expires, and candidates can keep applying for any permanent visa class while you are on a 457 Visa

To apply for this category you must:

Sponsored 457 Visa Application Process

For a subclass 457 visa (skilled temporary overseas workers) application there are three steps involved when a person from overseas to work in Australia.

The three stages involved are:

In order for Stage 3 of the 457 Visa process to be successful, Stages 1 and 2 must be approved by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).