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SOL for Managers and Administrators

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The previous Skilled Occupation List (SOL) has been replaced. The previous Skilled Occupation List (SOL) has been replaced. Please refer to the current Australian SOL for details of which occupations will be eligible under the updated General Skilled Migration program.

Managers and Administrators listed on this page may apply for skilled migration to Australia.

Manager and Administrators head government, legislative, industrial, commercial, agricultural and other establishments, or departments within these organisations. Managers and administrators determine the policy of an organisation or department, direct its functioning through other managers, and coordinate economic, social, technical, legal and other policies.

All occupations in this major group have a level of skill commensurate with the equivalent of an Australian bachelor degree or higher qualification. Managers must have at least 5 years experience in senior management.

Tasks performed by Managers and Administrators typically include:

Skilled Occupation List

Managers and Administrators
Occupations ASCO Code Assessing Authority Points Awarded
Child Care Co-ordinator [Child Care Centre Director, Child Care Centre Manager] 1295-11 TRA 60
Company Secretary 1212-11 VETASSESS 50
Construction Project Manager [Building and Construction Manager] 1191-11 VETASSESS 50
Director of Nursing [Senior Nurse Manager] 1292-11 ANCI 60
Education Managers (not elsewhere classified) [Project Coordinator (Education), Registrar (University or TAFE)] 1293-79 VETASSESS 50
Engineering Manager 1221-11 IEA/AIM 60
Environment, Parks and Land Care Manager 1299-17 VETASSESS 50
Finance Manager [Finance Director, Financial Controller, Chief Accountant, Credit Manager, Divisional Finance Manager, Treasurer (except Government)] 1211-11 CPAA/ICAA/NIA 60
General Manager [Chief Executive, Commissioner (Emergency Services), Director-General, Head of Armed Forces, Hospital Administrator, Managing Editor, Medical Superintendent,Secretary(Government Department), Trade Union Secretary] 1112-11 AIM 60
Human Resource Manager [Personnel and Employee Relations Manager, Occupational Health and Safety Manager, Organisation and Methods Manager, Training and Development Manager] 1213-11 AIM 60
Information Technology Manager [Computer Services Manager] 1224-11 ACS 60
Laboratory Manager 1299-13 VETASSESS 50
Medical Administrator [Medical Manager, Director of Medical Services, Medical Superintendent] 1292-13 VETASSESS 50
Policy and Planning Manager [Public Policy Manager, Corporate Planning Manager, Strategic Planning Manager, Policy Development Manager] 1291-11 VETASSESS 50
Production Manager(Manufacturing) [Plant Manager (Manufacturing),Works Manager (Manufacturing)] 1222-11 AIM 60
Production Manager (Mining) [Mine Manager, Mine Superintendent] 1222-13 AIM 60
Project Builder [Professional Builder] 1191-13 VETASSESS 50
Regional Education Manager [Schools Director] 1293-15 VETASSESS 50
Research and Development Manager 1299-11 VETASSESS 50
Sales and Marketing Manager [Advertising Manager, Market Research Manager] 1231-11 AIM 60
Sports Administrator 1299-19 VETASSESS 50
Supply and Distribution Manager 1223-11 AIM 60
Welfare Centre Manager [Welfare Project Manager] 1299-15 VETASSESS 50