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SOL for Associate Professionals

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The previous Skilled Occupation List (SOL) has been replaced. The previous Skilled Occupation List (SOL) has been replaced. Please refer to the current Australian SOL for details of which occupations will be eligible under the updated General Skilled Migration program.

Associate Professionals listed here may apply for skilled migration to Australia.

Associate professionals perform complex technical and administrative support functions which require an understanding of the underlying theories and methods of a particular field and significant practical skills. Tasks are often performed in support of professionals.

All occupations in this major group have a level of skill commensurate with a diploma (3 years full time study) or higher qualification. In some instances relevant experience is required in addition to the formal qualification.

Tasks performed by Associate Professionals typically include:

Skilled Occupations List

Associate Professionals: Research and Development
Chemistry Technical Officer 3112-11 VETASSESS 40
Medical Laboratory Technical Officer 3111-11 VETASSESS 40
Associate Professionals: Building, Engineering and Mining
Architectural Associate [Architectural Draftsperson, Building Drafting Officer] 3121-13 VETASSESS 40
Biomedical Engineering Associate 3129-11 VETASSESS 40
Building and Engineering Associate Professionals (not elsewhere classified) [Aircraft Detail Draftsperson, Aircraft Systems Technician (Air Force), Airframe Technical Officer, Avionics Systems Technician (Air Force), Mining Detail Draftsperson, Shipbuilding Draftsperson] 3129-79 VETASSESS 40
Building Associate [Building Construction Supervisor, Building Estimator, Clerk of Works] 3121-11 VETASSESS 40
Building Inspector [Electrical Installation Inspector] 3121-17 VETASSESS 40
Civil Engineering Associate [Civil Engineering Design Draftsperson, Road Design Draftsperson, Sewage Reticulation Drafting Officer, Structural Engineering Drafting Officer] 3122-11 IEA 40
Civil Engineering Technician [Civil Engineering Assistant] 3122-13 VETASSESS 40
Electrical Engineering Associate [Electrical Engineering Design Draftsperson, Electrical Engineering Drafting Officer, Relays Draftsperson, Substation Design Draftsperson] 3123-11 IEA 40
Electrical Engineering Technician [Electrical Engineering Detail Draftsperson, Electrical Instrument Technician] 3123-13 TRA 40
Electronic Engineering Associate [Aircraft Electronics Technical Officer, Communications and Data Systems Drafting Officer, Communications Engineering Technical Officer, Computer-Numeric Control Technical Officer, Control Systems Drafting Officer, Digital Controls Technical Officer, Flight Surveyor] 3124-11 IEA 40
Electronic Engineering Technician [Communications Engineering Technician, Electronics Detail Draftsperson, Printed Circuit Board Designer, Process Control Technician, Telemetry Technician] 3124-13 TRA 40
Engineering Associate Professionals [Not otherwise specified] 3129-79 IEA 40
Mechanical Engineering Associate [Air-conditioning Drafting Officer, Heating and Ventilating Technical Officer, Tool Design Draftsperson, Tool Designer] 3125-11 IEA 40
Mechanical Engineering Technician [Boiler Testing Technician, Hydraulic Controls Technician, Pipe Testing Technician] 3125-13 TRA 40
Metallurgical and Materials Technician [Dye Penetrant Testing Technician, Heat Treatment Technician, Magnetic Testing Technician, Non-Destructive Testing Technician, Pressure Testing Technician, Ultrasound Technician] 3129-13 VETASSESS 40
Mine Deputy 3129-15 VETASSESS 40
Plumbing Engineering Associate [Sewage, Water and Fire Services Associate] 3121-21 VETASSESS 40
Plumbing Inspector [Drainage Inspector, Gas Plumbing Inspector, Sanitary Plumbing and Water Supply Inspector] 3121-19 VETASSESS 40
Surveying and Cartographic Associate [Surveying Technologist, Aerial Survey Technician, Engineering Survey Drafting Technician, Photogrammetrist, Topographic Drafting Officer] 3121-15 VETASSESS 40
Associate Professionals: Financial Services and Real Estate
Branch Accountant (Financial Institution) [Bank Accountant] 3211-11 VETASSESS 40
Commodities Trader [Grain Buyer, Livestock Trader, Wool Broker, Mineral Broker] 3212-17 VETASSESS 40
Financial Dealers and Brokers (not elsewhere classified) [Corporate Finance Officer, Finance Broker, Finance Officer, Investment Broker, Investment Dealer] 3212-79 VETASSESS 40
Financial Institution Branch Manager [Bank Manager, Building Society Manager, Credit Union Manager] 3211-13 VETASSESS 40
Financial Investment Adviser [Financial Planning Adviser] 3213-11 VETASSESS 40
Financial Market Dealer [Derivatives Dealer, Fixed Interest Dealer, Foreign Exchange Dealer] 3212-15 VETASSESS 40
Futures Trader 3212-13 VETASSESS 40
Insurance Broker 3212-19 VETASSESS 40
Office Manager 3291-11 VETASSESS 40
Project or Program Administrator [Project Co-ordinator] 3292-11 VETASSESS 40
Property Manager [Building Manager] 3293-13 VETASSESS 40
Real Estate Agency Manager 3293-11 VETASSESS 40
Real Estate Salesperson [Real Estate Sub-Agent] 3293-15 VETASSESS 40
Stockbroking Dealer[Stockbroker, Trading Floor Operator (Stock Exchange), [Securities Dealer] 3212-11 VETASSESS 40
Associate Professionals: Computing/ IT
Computing Support Technician [Help Desk Technician, Network Support Technician] 3294-11 TRA 40
Associate Professionals: Food Preparation
Chef [Chef de Partie, Commis Chef, Demi Chef, Second Chef, Sous Chef] 3322-11 TRA 60
Chef - Head Chef [Executive Chef] 3322-01 TRA 60
Please see additional occupations in this category under Trades Persons and Related Wrokers
Associate Professionals: Social Services
Disabilities Services Officer 3421-17 VETASSESS 40
Family Support Worker 3421-19 VETASSESS 40
Parole or Probation Officer 3421-11 VETASSESS 40
Residential Care Officer 3421-15 VETASSESS 40
Youth Worker [Juvenile Justice Officer, Youth Accommodation Support Worker] 3421-13 VETASSESS 40
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker 3493-11 VETASSESS 40
Ambulance Officer 3491-11 VETASSESS 40
Dental Hygienist 3492-13 VETASSESS 40
Dental Technician [Dental Prosthetist, Orthodontic Technician] 3492-15 TRA 60
Dental Therapist 3492-11 VETASSESS 40
Intensive Care Ambulance Paramedic 3491-13 VETASSESS 40
Massage Therapist [Chinese (Tui-Na) Masseur, Remedial Masseur, Shiatsu Therapist, Sports Medicine Masseur] 3494-11 VETASSESS 40
Associate Professionals: Hospitality and Accomodation
Hotel or Motel Manager (Degree level) [Hotelier, Publican, Accommodation Manager, Functions Manager, Resort Manager] 3323-11 VETASSESS 50
Hotel or Motel Manager (Diploma level) [as above] 3323-11 VETASSESS 40
Associate Professionals: Hospitality and Accomodation
Interior Decorator 3999-11 VETASSESS 40
Library Technician 3997-11 VETASSESS 40
Museum or Art Gallery Technician [Taxidermist] 3999-13 VETASSESS 40
Primary Products Inspector [Produce Inspector, Dairy Quality Assurance Officer, Fish Inspector, Fruit and Vegetable Inspector, Meat Inspector, Quarantine Inspector] 3991-11 VETASSESS 40
Safety Inspector [Boilers and Pressure Vessels Inspector, Gas Examiner, Lifts and Cranes Inspector, Mines Inspector] 3992-11 VETASSESS 40