31 January 2012

Brazilian and Argentinean tourists added to Australian visa list

As of 15 February, 2012, tourists from Brazil and Argentina will be able to apply for an Australian visa online through the e676 programme.

Australia visa

Brazilian and Argentinean tourists will now be able to visit Australia much easier.

The Australian e676 Tourist Visa is intended for citizens of countries which are ineligible to apply for an Australian visa through the ETA programme, or for tourists intending to take a trip for longer than three months.

A spokesperson for the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship said Brazilian and Argentinean tourists could now take advantage of a faster and more secure and convenient process.

"These new arrangements mean applicants from Brazil and Argentina have the ability to check the progress of their application electronically" said the spokesperson.

"A notification is sent to the client at the time of the decision, providing details of the visa, and airlines are able to confirm the visa entitlements through the Advance Passenger Processing system".

The announcement comes in the wake of America's announcement that it will ease visa restrictions for South American and Chinese tourists which prompted Australian tourist authorities to warn the Australian government that it needed to make similar allowances or else risk losing a valuable source of income.

The Australian Visa Bureau is an independent migration consultancy specialising in helping people lodge applications with the Australian High Commission.

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