29 May 2009

Blind doctor gets Australian visa application accepted

A blind doctor has had his Australian visa application reviewed by the Australian Immigration Minister Chris Evans after initially having his Australian visa application rejected.

The Kenyan-born doctor Siyat Abdi had his Australian visa application rejected because of the possible financial stress his health condition could pose on the Australian health system. After putting his case to Senator Evans, Dr Abdi had his Australian visa application for a four-year temporary Australian visa accepted.

Senator Evans says his approval of the Australian visa exemplifies that Dr Abdi's contribution to the Australian community far outweighs any financial strain he may pose on the health system.  Dr Abdi will be taking up an appointment for the South Australian agency Disability SA and has currently been helping African refugee youths living in Adelaide for the past five years.

"It is worth the fight actually ... that is what I have been looking for," he told ABC News.

"Because previously I was not able to work, I was not able do anything.  I feel this is going to make a change in my life."
This is not the first case where Senator Evans has intervened in a decision on an Australian visa application for permanent residency; earlier this year a German doctor was first denied permanent residency on account of his son's medical condition Down's syndrome, however Senator Evans overruled the decision because of the father's vital position in the Victorian community.

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