28 July 2011

Medical staff shortage creates new Australian immigration opportunities

New reports have revealed that rural South Australia will need more doctors due to approximately 25 per cent of doctors set to retire in the next five years. As a result, the President of the Australian Medical Association SA is calling on the South Australia government to fund new internship and training places and it is likely that any skilled medical professionals emigrating to Australia could be in high demand.

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New shortage reports mean migrating medical professionals could be in high demand in Australia.

Speaking on the situation, Australian Medical Association SA president Peter Sharley made the following comments:  "We have been falling behind for a very long time.... the State Government here has guaranteed intern positions for the next couple of years, but after that students graduating don't have that assurance.

Current figures show that approx. 245 medical students are expected to graduate in 2011. Of those, 207 are permanent residents while 38 are international students.

The increasing number of medical staff arriving via Australia immigration could alleviate shortages that currently face Australia nationwide. Now is a good time for Australian visa holders to find work in the medical professions, as demand is high and professionals are much sought after to fill skills gaps.

Many medical professionals look to migrate to Australia due to the opportunities available, as well as the cost of living being much lower than other countries. Additionally, the basic working week usually is approx. 38-40 hours, with any additional time typically paid at overtime rates making the move even more lucrative to new migrants.

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