27 May 2009

Business owner emigrating to Australia because NZ can't let his wife stay

A business owner is emigrating to Australia because New Zealand will not accept his wife's application for residency, reports the National Business Review.

While Australian immigration has accepted Greg Cromack's application for emigrating to Australia, the New Zealand government has said that his circumstances with his wife are preventing them from having their New Zealand visa application approved for starting up a business in New Zealand.

Cromack owns a motel software business, which is tipped to take tourism software to the next level, and while the business would undoubtedly benefit New Zealand tourism and economy, they cannot approve his wife's application for permanent residency because they have not lived together for the previous twelve months.

Mr Cromack will be joining his wife in emigrating to Australia in June, when her visa in Eretria expires.  Although he has no issue with setting up shop in Australia, he says the Prime Minister John Key needs to reassess his commitment to easing the skills shortage in New Zealand.

"If John Key is serious about stopping the brain drain, and encouraging skilled Kiwis to come home, he could start by ensuring that bureaucratic stuff-ups like this don’t happen," Mr Cromack said.

The Australian Visa Bureau is an independent consulting company specialising in helping people with emigrating to Australia.

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