27 April 2011

Australian visa review to help tourism

A range of Australian visa classifications will be reviewed by the government in an attempt to remove some of the 'roadblocks' to Australia as a tourist destination.

Australian travel visa

A range of Australian visa classifications will be reviewed by the government.

The news comes from Felicia Mariani, Managing Director of the Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC).

She said: "There are currently too many roadblocks to Australia as a tourist destination including the rising Australian dollar, increasing fuel surcharges, the Passenger Movement Charge, along with the cost and complexity of getting a visa, so we welcome any changes the Government can make that will ease this burden to our visitors."

The review will be headed by former New South Wales Government Minister, Michael Knight. It will chiefly examine the Australian Student Visa, with the chief aim to keep Australia competitive in the international marketplace.

Mariani continued: "The move towards simplifying our visa categories in one action the Government can take to keep the 'Welcome' mat out there and create an environment that makes us more competitive on the world stage."

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