25 August 2010

Industry group calls for bipartisan approach to Australian immigration

Australian Industry Group chief executive Heather Ridout has called for an independent mediator to be appointed to work on a bipartisan approach on Australian immigration.

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A new approach to Australian immigration is needed to stop skills shortages in the mining industry.

A hung parliament would threaten the nation's ability to capitalise on China-led demand for commodities and a new approach to Australian immigration is needed as resource-rich states face skills shortages, business leaders warn.

“Should they need to be called upon, we would urge the independents to commit above all to supporting stable government and we are encouraged by their early reassurances to this effect,” she said.

“Beyond that, business and industry is looking for a government committed to dealing with the hard issues and dealing with them competently and that takes a positive and long term approach to lifting our productivity and securing our long term prosperity.

Inconsistent policymaking under a minority government would present problems for the mining and associated industries, despite recent years being one of the most prosperous times in Australian history in terms of commodity.

The ongoing political uncertainty is also beginning to create concerns among foreign investors, which is likely to prompt bidders to include more "conditionality clauses" that allow for withdraw in the event of legislative change.

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