24 June 2010

Australian tourism peaking for the Humpback viewing season

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Winter in Brisbane brings a cool change in temperature as well as the anticipated arrival of Humpback Whales on their annual migration.

Close to 16,000 Humpback Whales are expected to migrate between June and November down through the protected waters of Moreton Bay, near Brisbane, on their way to Antarctica to give birth and mate.

The whales spend summer in Antarctica, and fattening up their calves in the food rich waters before migrating back to the northern hemisphere.

Viewing the annual migration is a popular attraction for many international tourists. All international tourists, unless they have an Australian or New Zealand passport, must have an Australian Tourist Visa. The most popular of these visas is the ETA Visa, as it allows tourists to enter Australia as many times as desired for up to three months.

Moreton Bay is part of the “Humpback Highway”, a path which includes annual stops at various sheltered bays for a few days at a time along the way.

A little further up in Queensland and the vessels in the Hervey Bay whale watch fleet are also preparing to welcome the whales back on their annual migration, as well as show visitors sightings of other marine life – dolphins, turtles, seabirds and often dugongs.

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