24 January 2008

Trade worker supply-shortage could encourage Australian immigration

The supply of trade-workers in Australia is becoming critically short, according to a new report. This could be good news for those in a trade who are considering Australian immigration. Adelaide is the worst affected area, as stated in the December HIA-Austral Bricks Trades Report.

Regional South Australia and Western Australia is looking at a shortage of skilled trade-workers and Western Australia. Robert Harding, HIA regional director, said that the skills shortages need to be addressed or house prices will increase. "It is good that (trades) are in demand and getting better rates, but unfortunately it is going to put upwards pressure on the price of housing, especially new homes," he told Adelaide Now .

With skilled workers in demand across the country, people who are looking at Australian immigration simply have to fill out a skilled visa online assessment to get the ball rolling. Trades which were in the highest demand last month were roofing, electrical and plastering, according to the brick trades report. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, recently announced he is considering making changes to the Australian immigration system, making this an ideal time for skilled workers to make the move.

Australia needs skilled trade workers: anyone interested in migrating to Australia should complete an online assessment to see if they qualify for skilled migration to Australia.

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