23 June 2008

More Kiwis migrating to Australia, says NZ National Party

The latest migration statistics released at the end of May 2008 show the number of New Zealanders emigrating to Australia last year is the second largest amount on record.

According to a press release from the New Zealand National Party, in the past twelve months around 80,000 people have emigrated from New Zealand, with more than half of this number choosing Australia as their final destination. 

New Zealanders who choose to live in Australia emigrate for the hot climate, different job opportunities and booming economy.   Australia, like New Zealand, welcomes foreign workers on working holiday visas, Australian working visas, and highly skilled migrant visas to fill the gaps in the workforce.  Employers are paying highly competitive wages to attract people to apply for Australian visas to boost employment numbers and sustain the already strong economy. 

New Zealand is also opening its doors to foreign workers, and has been encouraging more people from the UK and Europe to emigrate to New Zealand.  For many years, the exodus of British nationals emigrating to New Zealand has helped fill the employment gap across many industries.  Britons are continually emigrating to the country for the climate, culture, and world-famous natural environment, but also for the ease of finding well-paid employment.

Anyone applying for skilled migration visa for Australia should begin by taking Visa Bureau’s online assessment to see if they meet the basic legislative requirements. 

New Zealand needs skilled workers: anyone considering migrating to New Zealand should complete an online assessment to see if they qualify for skilled migration to New Zealand.

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