22 September 2008

First gov't-sponsored speed dating to lure UK women to Australia

A recruitment drive spearheaded by the South Australian Government to attract more female Brits Down Under has used its sun, surf and eligible bachelors as its marketing tools, reports the Telegraph.

A national research project has found that women in the UK are attracted to Australian emigration because of its employment opportunities, cheaper property market, better climate, low crime and more importantly, a high ratio of outdoor-loving young men.

Bill Muirhead, South Australia’s Agent General in London said, “We can offer UK migrants a quality lifestyle, strong career prospects, beautiful beaches, world-class wine and fine weather.”

"Our research shows that many single British women are actively looking for love but not finding it.  So we asked our men, who are bronzed, sportier, and who are enjoying a booming economy, to step up to the plate and entice British women to a better way of life," he added.

According to the research, half the population of South Australian men are single, while in the UK only 34.7 per cent of men are up for grabs.

The survey also showed that single women in Britain felt the worst quality of life was surviving the long and cold winter alone. 

Next week a speed dating night will be held in London and single Australian men are being asked to take part.  Advertisements will also be running in newspapers and websites throughout the UK to "entice British women to pack up and migrate to the other side of the world", reports Adelaide Now. 

"We don't have the budgets for UK advertising which the other states do so we have to be creative, innovative and clever if we want to win our share of the attention," added Mr Muirhead.

"More than a third of all overseas migration to South Australia comes from the UK so it's fundamentally important we succeed here."

Australia is particularly looking for tradespeople, nurses, engineers, IT professionals, farmers, miners and hairdressers to fill the skills shortages in its workforce.  A more comprehensive list of the skills shortages in Australia can be found on the Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL).

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Article by Jessica Bird, Australian Visa Bureau.

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