22 August 2008

Irish heading en mass to Australia, NZ

Record numbers of Irish are leaving the country in search of a better lifestyle, reports the Independent, and over half of them have chosen Australia as their final destination.

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) released figures showing the number of Irish emigrants has risen to 19,800 people for the year ending April 2007.  Of this, over 11,300 Irish nationals chose to move to Australia and New Zealand.  ESRI senior economist Alan Barrett told reporters he predicts the number of emigrants to make the move Down Under will continue to rise next year. 

The CSO cannot provide a detailed description of the emigration patterns of Irish nationals for the past year, but have said the majority of emigrants are on Australian student visas or in New Zealand on similar temporary permits.

According to Careerfaqs.com, international students in Australia are getting one of the best opportunities in the world.  The website reports that more foreign students are studying in Australia because of the hands-on approach to learning, which involves more in-class discussions and freedom of individual thought, and because Australian institutions and educational facilities provide smaller and more dynamic learning environments. 

The changes to the Australian Government’s immigration policy have also created an attractive environment for international students; the Australian workforce is welcoming more foreign workers than ever before meaning international students are becoming an integral factor in the skilled workforce. 

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Article by Jessica Bird, Australian Visa Bureau.

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