20 October 2009

Hundreds sit new Australian Citizenship test

Australian immigration officials have reported more than 400 people sat the new Australian citizenship test at the Department of Immigration and Citizenship offices yesterday.

Australian Citizenship

Hundreds of people took the Australian Citizenship test yesterday. This test was the last step in the process of emigrating to Australia and becoming citizens for these overseas nationals.

The new Australian Citizenship test assesses applicants' knowledge of Australian democracy, as well as the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. All questions are now equally weighted.

The test is part of the process those emigrating to Australia take to become Australian Citizens.

Warren Bingwa, from Zimbabwe, was one of the first to take the new test the ABC News reported.

"What [the test] does do is it makes you read the material. It makes you learn about Australia and I think that's important if you are going to become a citizen."

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