20 March 2008

Plans to encourage Australian tourist visa visitors to Western Australia unveiled

Tourism Western Australia has launched a new plan to change the tourism industry in Australia up to the year 2013. The plans include improving the quality of visitors' experiences, which is good news for people travelling on an Australian tourist and visitor visa to the country. The strategy also aims to secure the future of tourism in regional areas.

Kate Lamont, Tourism WA chairman, said: "The Tourism WA Board of Commissioners consulted with the industry and developed the plan to guide our next steps in developing, promoting and protecting WA's iconic tourism experiences." She added that the report outlines the strategy that need to be pursued to ensure the state's tourism industry thrives in an "increasingly competitive global market". This means attracting more people to the region on an Australia ETA Travel visa. Tourism Western Australia is responsible for promoting the state as an attractive travel destination through enhancing the tourism industry there.

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