18 January 2018

Why use Visa Bureau to process my visa

Visa Bureau is not affiliated with the Australian Government but is a website. Australian visas are available from the Australian Government at a lower cost or for free when you apply directly. Our comprehensive visa and immigration information include immigration advice from registered migration agents, a 100% success rate, document checking and expedited visa processing.

Established in 2003, we have helped thousands of people migrate, travel and work around the world.

If you're migrating to Australia or New Zealand then it's likely you will consider using a migration agent to complete the visa process. Applying for a visa can be challenging with constant legislation changes and multiple processes. This article will look at the benefits of using a migration agent and why you should consider seeking professional help from a trusted company such as Visa Bureau.

1. We are a team of highly experienced Registered Migration Agents

As a client of Visa Bureau you will receive a full verification with a Registered Migration Agent. This is your opportunity to ask questions and discuss your concerns. Most importantly it allows us to verify your eligibility and explain the visa process. Your visa will then be managed by a dedicated Case Processor who specialises in your field. This ensures a tailored service for you and a main point of contact to keep you regularly updated on your visa application.

2. We offer a complete relocation service

At Visa Bureau we understand your move Down Under includes more than the visa, which is why we work with selected partners to offer you a full relocation service. These partners have been selected because of the outstanding levels of service they are able to offer, and, like Visa Bureau, because they have years of experience in helping people with the emigration process. Our partners include shipping, banking, pension transfer, recruitment, health and migration insurance, currency exchange and more.

3. We host regular UK seminars tailored to all your migration needs

Our Migration Seminars are unique in that we keep them small and personalised to the customer, whilst offering a large range of industry professionals under one roof. You can expect to find all the answers to your migration queries and to learn about useful services to aid you with your relocation plans. We currently host seminars in Edinburgh, Manchester and London.

4. Visa Bureau offer payment plans which ensure you only pay for the work we complete

The visa process is completed in multiple stages which is reflected in our payment plans. You will only pay for the work completed on your visa application so if any migration changes occur during the process deeming you ineligible, you will not be due any further payments for our services. This provides protection for you as a customer and makes the fees more manageable.

5. We have a 99% success rate

At Visa Bureau we pride ourselves on delivering great service and will not offer our assistance if we deem you ineligible for a visa. We process hundreds of visa applications each year which means we are familiar with a wide variety of situations. Using a highly experienced and registered Migration Agent will save you time and money on your visa application, while offering you peace of mind.

If you would like to obtain a tailored quote for our services then complete our free online visa assessment:

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