16 January 2009

Thousands of foreigners apply for 'best job in the world' in Australia

Thousands of video applications have poured in for the 'Best Job in the World', situated in Australia's Great Barrier Reef, with many grabbing great interest, reports the Associated Press.

The tourism department in Australia's Sunshine State, Queensland, has advertised an AUD$150,000 dream job, which requires the lucky successful applicant to spend half a year on the idyllic Hamilton Island amongst crystal-clear waters so that they can write a promotional blog to encourage tourism.

Since the position was advertised on the web, the department has been bombarded with four million hits and one million unique viewers in just four days and two thousand video applications, including one woman who tattooed a permanent advertisement of the Great Barrier Reef on her arm, and another Greek woman who vowed to do the laundry of all Australians. 

A Swiss Olympian, 48-year-old ex-British Army session commander and Italian doctor are also keen for the job.  Applications have arrived from all over the world, including Brazil, Romania, Switzerland, the United States and Turkey.

The department is expecting tens of thousands of video applications by the closing date of 22nd February.

The job will require the successful applicant to spend their days in a free oceanfront villa, wandering the white-sand beaches, snorkelling the crystal-clear waters with the rainbow-coloured sea life and reefs.  Oh, and they need to keep their blog updated. 

The department is hoping this AUD$1.7million campaign would boost tourism to the region, whose economy has grown to rely upon the thousands of domestic and international tourists that visit every year.

"The tourism industry is having a tough time at the moment," Anthony Hayes, chief executive officer of Tourism Queensland said.  "So what we're really trying to do is drum up as much interest and as much passion for the place as we can."

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Article by Jessica Bird, Australian Visa Bureau.

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