15 June 2009

Couple emigrating to Australia for Medicare benefits

A couple living in America will be emigrating to Australia so that they can take advantage of the Medicare public health system. Originally Australian citizens, Andrew and Rita Watson have found they will need to migrate back to Australia so that Andrew can have a hip replacement.

Couple emigrating to Australia to have cheaper surgery

Amerian residents are emigrating to Australia for cheaper health care.

According to the Gazette, because they are dual citizenship holders, emigrating to Australia will not pose a problem for the pair, who were jolted by an estimated $50,000 bill for hip surgery last October.  While they do not wish to leave their children behind in America, they are being forced by America's expensive health insurance system into emigrating to Australia to reap the benefits that other Australian citizens have.

Medicare is the public health system that all Australian tax payers pay a levy towards. Taxpayers in Australia are entitled to free treatment in a public hospital and free or subsidised treatment by general practitioners (GPs), specialists, and some dentists and optometrists.

The Australian Visa Bureau is an independent consulting company specialising in helping people with emigrating to Australia.

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