14 June 2010

Indian Lawn bowls team denied Australian Visa after financial doubts by authorities

An Indian lawn bowls team invited to play at the St Johns Park Bowling Club in Sydney has been denied Australian Visas after officials were concerned they could not financially support themselves in Australia.

The team was invited to play at the western Sydney club as part of a training programme for the Commonwealth Games 2010 in October.

Despite Australian Richard Gale’s, the team coach, assurances that the teams' expenditure was to be taken care of by the Indian government, Australian Immigration officials at New Delhi were not convinced.

“Consideration was given to each applicant’s reasons for visiting Australia, their financial capacity and their incentives to return to their home country,” an immigration spokesman said.

“If applicants have insufficient funds to support their stay or a determination is made there are insufficient incentives for an applicant’s return home, the visa application is refused.

“People from all countries have the same right and opportunity to enter our country,” the spokesman said.

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