12 June 2009

Emigrating to Australia needs to remain strong during economic downturn

A report on the Australian economy has shown that emigrating to Australia will prove essential if the Government wants to maximise potential from the forecasted growth later this year.

Emigrating to Australia top choice in recession

Emigrating to Australia will remain essential for economy.

The number of people emigrating to Australia during this year's economic downturn was restricted by the Australian immigration department so that Australian employment levels could remain stable.  This week, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released data showing that the real level of employment during this time has stayed relatively stable; a change of 0.01 per cent was documented last month, clearly exemplifying the Australian economy's resistance to the global recession.

With great foresight, the Australian immigration department has kept the numbers of people emigrating to Australia at near record levels so that a skilled workforce is ready to support growth when the economy begins to turn.  Luckily for Australia, that turn has been predicted sooner than many other major economies.

The government has also recognised that fact that the numbers of people graduating from Australian universities and schools are not enough to fill the increasing gap in the Australian workforce created by retiring baby boomers.  As such, the numbers of people emigrating to Australia will continue to play a major role in filling that gap.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the unemployment rate is currently sitting at 5.7 per cent, which is just 2 per cent above the rate that represents full possible employment in Australia.  And with tax cuts, cash hand-outs, lower interest rates and cheaper petrol, Australia is looking increasingly attractive to people emigrating to Australia. 

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