11 June 2009

MIA calls for regulation of Australian immigration advice from education agents

While Australian immigration advisors are heavily regulated by the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA), the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) claims that efforts to maintain transparency and integrity in the Australian immigration sector are undermined by education agents.

Australian immigration advice from education agents needs regulation

Australian immigration advice needs regulation for international students.

Australian immigration advisors are closely watched by the government, MARA and other members of the MIA so that people emigrating to Australia are protected from malpractice and misconduct on the agent's behalf. 

However, the MIA has voiced concern in a statement that the education agents working in both Australia and overseas do not have the same standards of regulation and are providing Australian immigration and visa advice to international students. 

Because of this, the MIA has asked the Senate to conduct a review of the education export industry and its involvement with Australian immigration. 

"It is an industry too valuable to be hijacked by illegal and unethical behaviour by either desperate visa seekers or unscrupulous operators," the statement said.

"If migration agents are involved they will be barred from the profession. This behaviour is not tolerated in the migration profession."

As such, the MIA warns all international students seeking Australian immigration or visa advice to use registered migration agents because they will be protected from negligence.

"We can’t let a valuable Australian educational experience be tainted by the shocking behaviour of the few."

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