10 November 2009

Ben Elton and family to emigrate to Australia

Writer and comedian Ben Elton is swapping Britain for a sunnier climate when he and his family emigrate to Australia next month.

Emigrate to Australia

Ben Elton and family are emigrating to Australia to live in Fremantle, Western Australia.

Elton and his wife, Australian saxophonist Sophie Gare, and their three children, ten-year-old twins Bert and Lottie, and their son Fred, eight are moving to Fremantle in Western Australia permanently after years of splitting their time between the two countries.

Elton has dual British / Australian citizenship and owns a two-storey heritage-listed house in Fremantle.

“Being an international citizen of the world with a carbon footprint the size of goodness knows what, I will still be travelling back and forth to Britain and America. But we are going to be based in Australia,” Elton told the media.

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