10 October 2012

Tyson granted Australia visa

While Mike Tyson's attempts to enter New Zealand look set to continue, the former boxer has been granted an Australia visa.

Australia visa

Mike Tyson has been granted permission to enter Australia.

Tyson has been embarking on a world tour of his critically acclaimed, Spike Lee directed one man show but encountered difficulties with his New Zealand and Australia visa applications which threatened to derail the whole tour.

Tyson was imprisoned in 1992 for rape and served three years of a six year sentence.

Both New Zealand and Australian immigration laws include imprisonment thresholds in their visa eligibilities. New Zealand, which prevents anyone sentenced to five years or more from obtaining a visa, initially granted the former heavyweight champion a visa but reversed their decision within days.

In the wake of the New Zealand debacle, it looked likely that Australia could also choose to prevent the former prize-fighter from entering the country but Tyson's promoter, Max Markson, has confirmed the Australian visa has been granted.

"We are thrilled and are very grateful to the Australian government for granting Mike Tyson a visa and allowing him to visit Australia for the very first time," said Mr Markson.

Mr Markson also confirmed a second New Zealand visa application had been submitted after a second charity offered to sponsor the application on condition that Tyson speak to disaffected youths in South Auckland.

New Zealand's Associate Immigration Minister Kate Wilkinson said she had received the application but was yet to make a decision.

Tyson is due to speak in both countries in November.

The Australian Visa Bureau is an independent migration consultancy specialising in helping people lodge applications with the Australian Embassy.

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