10 June 2010

International Australian tourist numbers rise in March quarter

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The first three months of 2010 saw the number of international tourists to Australian increase by six per cent as well as being up over the year ending in March.

ETA Visa

Australian tourist numbers are up, the new tourist survey has found.

The International Visitor Survey, by government research agency Tourism Research Australia, also shows that international visitors are staying longer and spending more on their trips. For the March quarter visitor numbers were up six per cent, nights up eight per cent and expenditure up three per cent.

During the year ending in March there were 5.2 million visitors to Australia with 46 per cent coming for a holiday and 25 per cent visiting friends and relatives. Most visitors came from New Zealand, followed by the UK, the USA and China.

The total spending by international tourists was $17 billion over the 12 months.

Australian Working Holiday makers made up 11 per cent of visitors with an average expenditure of just under $6000 or $79 per night, with each staying an average of 74 nights.

For the year ending March 2010, international visitor numbers were up three per cent, nights up five per cent and expenditure up four per cent.

To visit Australia all international tourists, unless they have an Australian or New Zealand passport, must have an Australian Tourist Visa. A popular visa for tourism purposes is the ETA Visa, as it can be applied for online and once approved is electronically attached to your passport, removing the need for any further paperwork.


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