09 June 2010

Australian skilled migration solutions for WA business

The reform of the Australian skilled migration program will enable Western Australian businesses to employ the workers they need, Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Senator Chris Evans, said.

The Australian Immigration Minister was addressing the Western Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Workforce Summit in Perth.

“The Rudd Government inherited a system driven by the large number of people who want to come to Australia rather than the needs of the Australian economy,' he said.

“There were thousands of cooks and hairdressers placed in the queue ahead of highly skilled occupations such as of doctors, nurses and engineers.

“This was an unsustainable system that was bad for our economy. The Rudd Government has implemented sweeping reforms to create a demand-driven migration system which targets the skills we need to meet the shortages in the local labour market,” he said.

The Australian immigration reforms have seen the rate of employer and state-sponsored skilled migrants increase from 29 per cent in 2007-08 to 55 per cent this current year.

Latest figures illustrate businesses are already using the new system to recruit the skilled workers needed by the economy to emigrate to Australia.

“A demand-driven skilled migration program will deliver migrants with the skills our economy needs and ensure businesses can access the specialist workers needed to meet skills shortages,” the minister said.

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