07 July 2009

Ben starts blogging to promote travelling to Australia

Briton Ben Southall, winner of the Tourism Queensland promotion The Best Job in The World, has taken up his new job promoting tourism to Queensland and has started settling into his new life with girlfriend Bre.

Travelling to Australia

Ben Southall, winner of The Best Job in The World and pictured with his girlfriend Bre, has started blogging to encourage travelling to Australia.

Ben offically started his job on Hamilton Island on July 1, and since then has been involved in a huge number of activities and experiences in Queensland.

"If the next six months continue at the speed these first four days have started at then I'll have an entire lifetime worth of experience to talk about," Ben said on his blog.

After a worldwide search, Ben Southall was chosen as Tourism Queensland’s Islands Caretaker, a newly created position designed to help promote the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef to the world and encourage those travelling to Australia to visit the island.

Ben was selected from more than 34,000 people from around the globe who applied for the Best Job in the World. He will work for six months exploring the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef and report on his travels through regular blog posts.

Readers can follow Ben's experiences through his blog on Queensland Tourism's website.

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