06 August 2008

Indonesia secures working holiday visa with Australia

Australia will begin a working holiday visa scheme with Indonesia which will allow people to holiday and work in either destination. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the two countries have an agreement which is similar to others already held by Australia.

Senator Chris Evans, the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, told the newspaper: "This will facilitate the capacity of young people from each country to work and holiday in each other's countries." He added that the scheme will allow young people from both countries to learn about the other's culture.

Australians visiting Indonesia will be restricted to jobs in tourism, teaching English or working in a hospital. However, those visiting Australia on the visa will be allowed to work in several sectors. Before this arrangement residents were only allowed into the countries on tourist visas, which meant they could not legally work. Indonesia and Australia have also entered into a new computer project which will increase security across the countries' borders.

Australia needs skilled workers: Anyone applying for an Australian visa should begin by completing the Australian Visa Bureau's online Australian visa application to see if they meet the Australian visa requirements.

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