05 November 2012

South Australia uses a 'Better Britain' to target skilled workers

South Australia is reportedly in such need for skilled workers that is using historical references in order to appeal to disenchanted Brits.

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Colonel Light's original intention on founding Adelaide was to create a 'better Britain'.

A study by the Academy for British and Irish Studies at the University of Huddersfield showed that of the 1,000 families in the UK surveyed, 60% had had enough of the UK and was considering a move to Australia.

South Australia often proves a popular destination with British and Irish migrants thanks to its Mediterranean climate and laidback lifestyle.

And in order to attract more skilled workers to South Australia, the state is using its founder, Colonel Light, whose original intention was to 'build a better Britain'.

"[British and Irish people] want their children to grow up in a country with a stronger sense of community than they believe exists in the UK," said Professor Paul Ward.

Professor Ward said South Australia's community spirit, family values and healthy work-life balance showed Colonel Light had achieved his objective.

Professor Ward's survey also interviewed 250 expat British families living in South Australia; almost 70% of respondents testified to a stronger community spirit.

Leonie Cotton, casework manager at the Australian Visa Bureau, says Adelaide is often a popular choice for migrants mainly due to its climate, excellent education system and reasonable cost of living but the state's need for skilled workers has grown in recent years due to the emergence of Western Australian mining industries.

"Adelaide is a great city with lots to offer, especially for families due to the strong community spirit and excellent education system.  Immigration SA also has many occupations listed on their state migration plan so it’s possible for a large number of migrants to be nominated by the state for one of the general skilled migration visas.”

The Australian Visa Bureau is an independent migration consultancy specialising in helping people lodge applications with the Australian Embassy.

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