05 October 2009

Australia has the second best quality of life in world: report

The author of a UN report on migration and development says Australia has the second best quality of life in the world and could take the top spot over Norway next year.

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Australia has been ranked second in the world in regards to the quality of life in the country by a UN report.

The United Nations Development Program's Human Development Report 2009, publish yesterday, ranked Australia second among 182 countries on a scale measuring life expectancy, school enrolments and income.

Britain is ranked at number 21 on the scale.

The report, authored by Dr Jeni Klugman, also looked at international migration and views on migrants.

In Australia, attitudes to migration were positive as long as jobs were available, in line with most of the 52 countries surveyed. By contrast, 90 per cent of Malaysians were hostile to migration. The report also found most Vietnamese welcomed anyone who wished to work.

Dr Klugman said the developed world competed fiercely with other nations to attract the world's most educated migrants.

Dr Klugman said: ''There's competition at the top end where countries like Australia do well relative to some countries in Europe which have had difficulties in attracting skilled people.''

But she argued for more permanent positions for low-skilled migrants, too.

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