04 November 2009

Australian Ironman to woo women to visit Australia

World champion Ironman Shannon Eckstein is on his way to Tokyo to entice more young Japanese women to visit Australia.

Australian tourist visa

An Australian Ironman is part of a new campaign to encourage women to experience Australia.

All tourists to Australia, unless they have an Australian or New Zealand passport, must have an Australian Tourist Visa. The most popular of these is the ETA visa, which can be quickly applied for online.

Eckstein’s visit is part of the Aussie Oji campaign, which will target Australia’s world heritage, beach lifestyle, marathons, spas and natural cosmetics, Aboriginal culture and the outback, food and wine, wildlife, and self-drive holidays.

In particular, young women will be able to use an online navigator to research and plan their ideal Australian Special Interest Tour (SIT) experience, then book their Australian adventure.

Japanese visitors will also be able to use the www.australia.jp website to search for their ultimate Australian "Oji" - a man who excels at a particular activity.

Eckstein, who flew from the Gold Coast on Tuesday, says he will be pushing the message that Australian beaches are not just for Japanese guests to come down and take a photo on.

“It's about them coming down and having a lifestyle experience," he said.

"It could be hiring a bucket and spade, or having a guided beach walk or even surfing lessons.”


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