04 October 2012

Tyson's Australia visa now called into question

One day after Mike Tyson's New Zealand visa was revoked, the former heavyweight champion's Australia visa application looks set to be in equal jeopardy.

Australia visa

Mike Tyson may be prevented from entering Australia as well as New Zealand now.

Tyson is taking part in a world tour of motivational talks known as 'Day of the Champions' and was due to speak in Auckland next month. However, due to his 1991 conviction for rape, his New Zealand visa was revoked yesterday. It now looks as though his Australia visa application could suffer the same fate.

The former champion, whose battles with financial and drug struggles have been well publicised, is due to speak in five Australia cities throughout November but Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu has become the first Australia politician to speak out against the controversial star's visit.

Mr Baillieu says the federal government, which is still reportedly considering Tyson's visa application, need to show common sense, as it would be 'inappropriate' to grant Tyson a visa given his criminal past.

Tyson was sentenced to six years imprisonment in 1992 after the 1991 rape of Desiree Washington. Tyson was released after three years and went on to become one of the most decorated boxers of all time.

However, Karen Willis of the national sexual assault, domestic and family violence counselling line says motivational speakers 'should be the people you admire and revere'.

Tyson's promoters for the Pacific leg of his critically acclaimed tour, Markson Sparks, say they are hopeful the Australian decision will prove more successful than New Zealand.

"We're waiting patiently and are quietly confident that they will come to a positive decision," said Trish Maskaric of Markson Sparks.

"The good news is we've not had a knockback as yet."

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