04 June 2009

Australian student visa program to be rebranded in India

The Australian student visa program has taken a battering this month after protests from the Indian student community showed concerns about security for students. In an attempt to reinstate the faith from the Indian student market in the Australian student visa program, the Australian Government is trying a few initiatives in India.

The Australian student visa program now provides Australia with its third largest export industry, and the prospect of losing tens of thousands of Indians who study on an Australian student visa every year could be damaging to the Australian GDP.

According to The Times of India, universities in Australia are urging agencies in Punjab and Chandigarh to spread the message that tuition and accommodation fees will be lowered and security will be increased for Indian students.

Agencies in India have reportedly been flooded with emails, faxes and bulletins from Australian educational institutions, each haranguing agents to overtly promote their deals for Indian students.

Amar Manchanda, director of AIMS Global Education, which represents 15 universities and institutes based in Melbourne, said, "Fearing fewer students will opt for Australia after the recent string of attacks on Indians, a host of private universities and institutes authorities in Melbourne have rolled out lucrative schemes for prospective students. These include reduction in course fee as well as hostel fee."

The Australian Visa Bureau is an independent consulting company specialising in helping people with emigrating to Australia.

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