03 June 2009

Australia avoids recession, emigrating to Australia becomes more attractive option

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has officially announced the Australian economy avoided recession, making it the only major Western economy to do so and making emigrating to Australia all the more attractive to potential migrants struggling in recessions around the world.

Last week, global economists showed that emigrating to Australia would place migrants in one of the most stable economies in the world because its track-record for business during the global economic crisis has set the pathway for a strong economic recovery and greater investment security.

Today, the Rudd Government is parading official data that shows Australia skimmed past the recession that is settling in nicely in other major economies around the world, including Britain and the US.   The growth of 0.4 per cent in GDP in the last quarter has been attributed to a relatively strong performance from exports. 

"Australia is the fastest growing of all the major advanced economies, we have the lowest debt and lowest deficit of all the major advanced economies and we're the only advanced economy at present not in recession," Rudd said.

Not only has the Government claimed responsibility for keeping the economy above water, it has planned out an aggressive economic policy to pave the way for a strong economic recovery, and has ensured that the Australian skilled migration program will continue to bring in the skills it needs to promote economic growth and support infrastructural expansion. 

The start of the 2009-10 financial year in July will see the Australian skilled migration program reduced to 108,100 places from a record high of 133,100 at the start of the year.  Currently, the immigration department is targeting skills in the health, IT and engineering sector (as found on the Critical Skills List), and giving state/territory governments and employers greater scope for nominating the skills they need most.

This means that prospective migrants still have a number of avenues for emigrating to Australia to enjoy its relative economic stability and enjoy the fruits of success as the economy picks up momentum in the coming years. 

If you are interested in emigrating to Australia, try the free online assessment to see if you are eligible for Australian skilled migration, or request a call to have a qualified migration consultant discuss the best options for emigrating to Australia.

The Australian Visa Bureau is an independent consulting company specialising in helping people with emigrating to Australia.

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