02 December 2011

Kim Kardashian in breach of Australian visa rules

American socialite Kim Kardashian, famous for reality television appearances and modelling work, has been placed on a 'watch list' by Australian immigration staff having continually breached her Australian visa conditions.

Australia visa

Kim Kardashian has been placed on a 'watch list' by Australian immigration staff.

Kardashian had travelled to Australia to launch a range of handbags, but upon arriving in the country, she was found to not hold the appropriate Australian visa for her visit (with the assumption being that she was travelling on an Australian ETA visa, which is not granted with any right to work).

It is reported that that Australian immigration staff subsequently launched investigations into two previous visits to Australia by Kardashian and discovered that both these visits were also for business purposes.

While the Australian immigration department would not discuss the case specifically, a statement was issued which said: “If people are undertaking work in Australia, they need to be on an appropriate visa with work conditions attached to it.” The statement goes on to say: “'If people do breach conditions, then the department can counsel them or cancel that person's visa ... and the department may record their breaches and immigration history.”

Online reaction to the story has been mixed, with some questioning why Immigration Department staff allowed for a third visit by Kardashian if visa conditions had been breached on two separate prior occasions. Others questioned whether promotional appearances could fairly be considered ‘work’ while some were keen to see Kardashian’s ability to pass Australia’s borders removed completely.  

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