02 November 2011

Working holiday and ETA Australia visa compliance hits 99%

The number of temporary entrants to Australia abiding by visa conditions is on the increase, according to figures in the Department of Immigration and Citizenship Annual Report 2010-11.

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Visitors to Australia on working holiday and ETA visas have recorded a higher rate of visa compliance in 2010-11.

The Australian immigration department has reported a surge in visa compliance by visitors to Australia on a Working holiday or ETA visa.

"The percentage of visitor visa holders who abided by their visa conditions increased in 2010-11 to 99.3 per cent, compared to 95.3 per cent in 2009-10," the DIAC annual report states.

"These figures demonstrate that the vast majority of people granted visitor visas have been correctly assessed as genuine visitors".

The visa compliance rate by holders of a temporary Australia visa exceeded the department's own 2010-11 target by 4.3%.

DIAC has taken credit for the percentage increase, attributing it to a number of its own deliberate tools and policies.

"In 2010-11 the department used a range of tools to minimise the potential for non-genuine visitors to enter or remain in Australia or to contravene their visa conditions," the report states.

"These tools include the no further stay condition, security bonds, sponsor sanctions and Safeguards profiles".

The 'Safeguards' tool - whereby evidence-based integrity checks are undertaken during the visa application process - has been especially highlighted as responsible for a higher rate of compliance.

In 2010-11 DIAC issued 3,543,883 temporary visitor visas, including a 3% increase in total offshore visitor visa grants.

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